Structural Engineering

We provide our customers with the technical expertise in
analysis and design of steel structures to oer safe and
ecient buildings, complying with the most up-to-date
construction and design codes; as the American Society of
Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Institute for Steel
Construction (AISC), among others.

Steel Detailing 

We oer shop and erection drawings, also the three-dimensional modeling service according to your request, be it a project designed by our team or through drawings supplied by the client. 

Steel Fabricators 

We supply the customer with all the necessary parts to carry
out the erection of the structure at the construction site
accompanied by their respective assembly plans.

Plate Girder

We supply plate girders from A572 Gr50 steel plates that
allow the use of steel to be made more ecient and
consequently, construction costs are reduced.